Tổng đại lý pin đồng hồ Maxell Quảng Ninh uy tín

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Are you worried because you haven’t found a suitable watch battery replacement product? There are many battery distributors in Quang Ninh, making it difficult for you to find a genuine Maxell Quang Ninh watch battery dealer? Follow the article below to find the most reputable place to buy watch batteries.

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Popular types of Maxell watch batteries

Maxell watch battery is a type of battery with a compact, round, flat design like a button. Maxell watch battery is made from silver oxide material, voltage 1.55V. When mentioning Maxell watch batteries, the following types must be mentioned:

  • Maxell SR616SW watch battery product.
Maxell SR616SW watch battery
Maxell SR616SW watch battery
  • Maxell SR626SW watch battery product.
  • Maxell SR927SW watch battery product.
  • Maxell SR920SW watch battery product.
Maxell SR920SW watch battery
Maxell SR920SW watch battery
  • Maxell SR621SW watch battery product.
  • Maxell SR521SW watch battery product.

Reputable, genuine general agent for Maxell Quang Ninh watch batteries

On the market today there are many watch battery brands, Maxell battery is one of the long-standing reputable brands. We are proud to be a reputable and quality distributor of Maxell batteries in Quang Ninh. Phu Quy Battery commits to quality and sales service as follows:

  • Real product as pictured.
  • Providing quality products suitable for the price.

We are willing to return refund or customers within 72 hours from the date of receipt for the following reasons:

  • Defective products.
  • Damaged during transportation.
  • The customer provides a reasonable reason for dissatisfaction with the product and receives approval from Phu Quy Battery.

Reasons to buy Maxell Quang Ninh watch batteries at Phu Quy Batteries

Reputable general agent for Maxell Quang Ninh watch batteries
Reputable general agent for Maxell Quang Ninh watch batteries

We are one of the leading reputable watch battery suppliers in Vietnam. Maxell battery lines are often imported genuine, strictly tested before being supplied to customers.

Not only do we provide genuine Maxell batteries, but we also provide a full range of watch batteries, power batteries, rechargeable batteries, etc.

We also have a team of consultants on duty 24/7. Ensure quick resolution of customers’ questions and battery purchase requests. To receive a detailed quote on each type of battery as well as find the most suitable battery product, please contact us using the information below.


Email: pinphuquy@gmail.com

Web: https://pinphuquy.com/

Fanpage: Pin


Address: No. 27, Lane 3, Cu Chinh Lan, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi. (Or go from 27, alley 89, Nguyen Ngoc Nai)

Phone: 037.314.6666 – 094.644.8182

Hotline: 037.314.6666


Address: No. 9 Lane 322/17 My Dinh Street, Tu Liem, Hanoi.

Hotline: 037.314.6666


Address: Alley 23, Hoa Hung Street – Ward 12 – District 10 – City. Ho Chi Minh.

Hotline: 037.314.6666

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